D|B Coaching



Welcome to DB Coaching


Hi, I'm Dee and I'm passionate about helping you to adopt new behaviors and take action so that a renewed and fulfilled you can emerge. 

 My personal commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support while accomplishing lasting growth.  

Professionalism and Experience


I have been in Education for 20 years as a Teacher, School Governor and most recently as a professionally trained Life & Educational Coach with The Coaching Academy.

I have the tools and understanding to empower you to create the life you imagine!

Who do I work with?


I work with adults, children, parents & students! 

I work with adults who are feeling stuck in their life, seeking clairity of the next steps or seeking a career change.

I work with parents and students to help empower children to be the best they can be!





" I found coaching very useful and eye-opening towards my day-to-day life.

 It did not just help me with what my goal was at each session but it also impacted on everything making things easier for myself. "

Sarah, 16 years old

Academic Coaching Pupils


"I think coaching made a good impact on my behaviour. I recommend coaching to other students because it makes people feel better!" 

-Emre, 13 years old

"I am calmer in my maths class and I do not take things to heart. Coaching has helped me to become more resilient, I have learned to be calmer and not let people get under my skin." 

-Trenaise, 14 years old

Cathy, Life Coaching Client


"Dee's coaching style is very engaging and warm and she provides the opportunity to talk freely in a non-judgmental environment. Dee posed questions that challenged my current thinking allowing me to find the answers for myself." 


Theo, Life Coaching Client


"Dee has a very positive and supportive style to her coaching and this has been a very enjoyable journey of which I benefitted from her effective friendly approach that enable us to build up a good rapport."