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Why Coaching in Education?

I believe Coaching is invaluable for both Pupils and schools because Coaches can support pupils in a way Teachers cannot. Teachers are not trained to coach,  nor do they have the time to do this in a classroom setting.

 The benefits of coaching children and young people in an educational setting trickles down into their personal lives and can allow them to positively change the way they approach their life goals and strengthen personal relationships as well. 

Coaching works effectively with schools that have students that have a variety of issues/struggles in achieving their goals. In particular, those who:

  • Are close to being excluded
  • Are already excluded and in ‘Alternative Provision’
  • Have low self-esteem
  • Have low attendance and punctuality
  • Have experienced Bullying (as either the bully or the one being bullied)
  • Have disengaged from the educational process/system  
  • Display  behavioural issues
  • Have both low or high attainment-Coaching is not just for children who are 'struggling' at school.

This list is not exhaustive but provides an idea of how coaching can support schools and pupils in raising attainment, of which I am passionate about. 

Coaching is an excellent complement to both formal and informal education.


Supporting Tottenham Charter


I am delighted that DB Coaching is participating in the Tottenham Charter. 

DB Coaching will deliver coaching and mentoring sessions to young people in Tottenham Schools to inspire academic success.

This consists of 6 x 30 minutes one-to-one sessions for 6 pupils.

If you are a Teacher and would like your school to take part this or next term please get in touch with me as soon as possible. 


If you're interested in this opportunity for your child, please also feel to get in touch with me!

Spaces are limited on a first come first serve basis.



Praise for Academic coaching


"Dee Buchanan, thank you so much for your support"- Sarah, Age 16

"Only 6 sessions of coaching, but this will impact on my whole life in a very positive way! I feel like everyone no matter how old your are still need those qualities of getting around what you want and living with a much more healthy mindset by acknowledging the routes or even creating routes in order to achieve what you want! 

Dee Buchanan, thank you so much for your support, I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for you who helped me around things and decision making. This is a very good job that you have. I hope that you wont stop doing this job because you could be the reason for the successes of people.  Coaching helped me in all aspects of my life, improving myself as a person for a much broad minded mindset " Sarah, Age 16 

"Coaching has made me realise school is important!"-Leyla, Age 13

" Coaching has overall impacted me by making me focus more in class an made me stay on task! Coaching has also made me realise that school is important an that we can't be wasting time on things that don't matter!

I have also took time into doing work that was given to me in class. Coaching has also made me understand that I am good at lots of stuff and that I have lots of skills in me.

Ms Buchanan is caring and she will always be there, also she shows that she will be there by acting like a friend to you."- Leyla, Age 13

"I started wearing my blazer!"-Emre, Age 13

"One little help is that I started wearing my blazer and my timeouts reduced. I think coaching made a good impact on my behavior. I realise sometimes the choices I make aren't always the right thing. I would recommend coaching to other students because everyone needs someone to talk to and it makes people feel better! "-Emre, Age 13

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