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When I first heard about coaching...

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It was late one night listening to Hay House Radio to one of my favorite presenters Micheal O’Neil. His smooth voice and comforting tone made me wonder how he does what he does. 

When he spoke he did not make judgments, he did not give opinions - he just asked questions, yet by the end of the call people left with a new perspective and their voices and spirit lifted. 

I wondered, 'What is this type of conversation called?'

I wanted to know more, so when his signature tune played at the end with a tagline calling him 'The Super Coach’ I knew I had to find out more! I googled coaching and found a list of training schools offering courses.  

I eventually signed up to study with The Coaching Academy, but whilst still working full time as a school Teacher, I found it hard to give it my full attention. 

Years later, after taking time out of Teaching, I picked up the Coaching manual and called to get booked on the first training day!

I have always been a coach!


Looking back, I have always been coaching but didn't realise that's what I was doing!

I can see how I used the art of coaching when I was working as a Primary School Teacher, Recruitment Consultant, Accounts Supervisor and especially when I was running my own organisation; 'Just Parents' supporting parents and students in Education. 

As a Primary School Teacher, I believed my coaching skills was a necessity in doing my job. I saw my role as a teacher not only to teach various subjects but to see each child as an individual and allow them to discover themselves and be confident in who they are. 


Meeting my students years later they always remind me that I was the one teacher who never judged them and  cared about what they could do rather than what they could not do!

I was not aware at the time that I was coaching, as it was something that came naturally and one of my close friends stated when I told her of my new career path, “ Dee, you have always been a coach!”.

I realise that I have always been able to make a difference in someone's life whether it was a child at school or just making conversations with someone at the bus stop. Yes, I make friends anywhere and everywhere!

Relationships Matter!


We all need the support of someone we can talk to and have a conversation. 

Coaching is an opportunity to build relationships through conversations! 

It is an opportunity via conversation to improve lives and 'Discover Your Best Self'.

Healing comes in many forms.  We have physical healing, mental healing and self- healing.  My mission is to heal others by making a difference and enabling them to discover who they really are! 

Sometimes a smile to a stranger is all that it takes to help that person realise that they are not alone.  Making that difference can send a ripple effect and reach many people in one day.

Imagine that, what one smile can do for the universe. 

I am here to make a difference in your life for one day,  one month or one year, however long we are blessed to work together for. 

Through our relationships, we both have the opportunity to improve our lives. My life is improved because I have improved yours.

So let’s talk, lets start our conversation.

Let me support you to make that difference in your life and discover your best self!


Email: coaching@deebuchanan.co.uk 


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